Linear Technology

How did I ever get so lucky? Besides the guy I married, you are the best thing that ever happened in my life. Another International Sales Meeting under our belts and you deserve all the credit. Your complete dedication from the tiniest detail to the overall big picture is outstanding. I really can’t say enough about your innate ability to select, orchestrate and oversee the perfect blend of entertainers and to consistently produce the perfect mix of theatrical material and talent, and most astounding, to do it all within our budget.
Cindy Hunter Essaff, Manager, Product Marketing

Adobe Systems

Thank you so much for the fantastic decorations at the Adobe party. The place was truly transformed and I felt good about hosting it. I also appreciate your suggestions, early on, about other places – I was impressed by your desire to please your client even at the risk of losing an evening’s business. You’ve certainly earned my praise and I look forward to recommending you to others whenever I have the opportunity.
Kathleen Bennett

Mrs. Henry Hamilton

Oh my gosh! Was that Carnivale the party of the century, or what?! I’ve been basking in the compliments since Saturday, and the kudos really belong all to you. From our first planning meeting, I had the sense of your creativity but what you produced far exceeded my expectations. And I’m so glad you suggested I go with the whole package, as it was the most festive, energized and entertaining evening we, and most of our guests, had ever been to. You are truly unbelievable!

Webcor Builders, Inc.

Accolades about our 20 th Anniversary party have been coming to Webcor at an unbelievable pace. Your ideas were spectacular and you executed them without a flaw. You were a delight to work with and so cooperative. There was a complete feeling of confidence on my part that the job would be well done. My sincere thanks for being there throughout the event to make sure everything went smoothly. Our hats off to you and your staff for making this event such a grand success.
Joan Sampson, Senior Executive Assistant

City of Palo Alto’s Black White Ball

How can I ever thank you for your amazing support and sense of adventure that enabled us to make this year’s Ball such a fabulous experience? The content of this year’s event was excellent – with fantastic live music, delicious hors d’oeuvres and a dazzling light show! Everywhere the entertainment was non-stop high energy and high quality and transmitted almost an electrical sense of excitement to our guests. Everyone knew that they were at the right party, on the right night, and they didn’t want it to ever end.
Susan Churcher, Director of Events

Zabit Associates, Inc.

Never have we witnessed a set-up brought in so smoothly, food presented more handsomely or prepared more flavorfully and a staff more pleasant and professional. We appreciated your ability to work through the logistics and revisions and your presence here to ensure the polish on every aspect of the party. We were very pleased with the outcome and impressed by the effortless nature of your team. It was quite the evening.
Liz Watson, Office Manager


To announce the release of the new CD ROM game, MAGIC; THE GATHERING, Rick Herns Productions wrote, directed, designed and produced a stage play that duplicated the action and excitement of the new game. His company’s creativity and technical expertise were fully challenged to turn this fantasy world into reality. The product launch, attended by the media, retailers, and game aficionados, was highly successful and MicroProse was thoroughly pleased with Rick Herns Production’s work.
Kathy Sanguinetti, Manager, Public Relations

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Thank you for all the exceptional work you did to make the DCCC Fundraiser so wonderful. Its working with professionals like you that make my job so much easier. Kudos to you and your staff. The White House is not the easiest group to please and apparently the President had a blast!
Heather Nalitt, Director of Events

Sheri Burke

We are continuing to be inundated with overwhelming thank-yous from guests for being included in a dream birthday party. Your execution was exceptional and you deserve a huge thank you from my family and me for making it an event to remember for years to come. We were especially impressed by your attention to details from the decor that certainly gave the “wow factor” you are well-known for, to the hilarious musical comedy all the way to the delicious food that our guests raved about. Many, many thanks, Rick.

San Francisco Supervisor, Sophie Maxwell

What a wonderful event! A sincere and heartfelt thank you for a job well done. Your production was the highlight of the whole event which could not have happened without your hard work and expertise. You are a phenomenal producer!

Creative Labs

I was blown away by how phenomenal the party was. I knew we were going to have food stations but even these were over the top and beyond my expectations. The level of detail, presentation and well-planned timing was flawless. I’m going on and on as the party made me and I believe all the members of the Creative team very proud to be part of our company. The results were terrific and beyond what most of the attendees had a chance to experience before.
Craig McHugh, CEO